Tesla Inspect UK was created in November 2021 in order to stem our boredom whilst waiting on our new Tesla Model 3. Based originally on the list from TeslaPrep (composed by Mykel Nahorniak and available on GitHub in markdown language). The app was originally built in Glide but we soon found that although it is a powerful tool it does sadly come with many limitations.

Once it was realised that there was a demand for the app and just how much we were being restricted by Glide's platform we set about rewriting the web app, this time in HTML5. This got rid of our worst restriction that Glide gave us - the fact that even on a PC or Tablet you still only got a mobile page!

Whilst the app was being redeveloped we also gave the checklists an overhall, making them more granular than just yes or no. We also noticed that TeslaPrep was very much aimed at a left hand drive market and had many checks that were only relevant to the USA. Tesla Inspect UK is developed specifically for the UK market - hence the 'UK' moniker at the end of the name.

Tesla Inspect UK is ever evolving, and the more we work on it the more ideas we have. If you have an idea of something we could add to improve the functionality of the site then why not drop us a not using the Get in Touch form at the bottom of the page? You never know, we might just do it!